Investor Relations
Investor Relations Policy
  1. Objective
    1. Mapletree Industrial Trust Management Ltd., the manager (the "Manager") of Mapletree Industrial Trust ("MIT") is committed to providing its Unitholders and the investment community with regular, balanced and clear information of MIT's performance, position and outlook. Disclosure of information is in compliance with the Listing Manual of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited, the Code of Corporate Governance 2018, and other applicable securities laws and regulations.
    2. MIT's investor relations policy outlines the principles and practices, which facilitates the regular, balanced and clear communication of information to its Unitholders and the investment community. Through transparent disclosures and regular dialogues, MIT strives to uphold high standards of corporate governance and maintain the trust of its stakeholders.
  2. Communication Principles
    1. All Unitholders should be treated fairly and equitably in order to enable them to exercise their ownership rights arising from their unitholdings and have the opportunity to communicate their views on matters affecting MIT.
    2. Upholding strong corporate governance and transparency is of highest importance to the Manager.
    3. The Manager promotes timely, fair and effective communications with its stakeholders. It endeavours to provide a consistent level of disclosure on both positive and negative issues.
    4. All announcements, press releases, annual reports and circulars are released promptly through SGXNET and MIT's websites.
    5. The Manager observes a prescribed "blackout period", including trading restrictions, prior to MIT's results announcements. The "blackout period" shall commence one month before the public announcement of MIT's annual results and two weeks before the public announcement of MIT's quarterly and semi-annual results. During this period, the Manager will refrain from commenting on industry outlook, the company's business performance and financial results, unless such information has been publicly disclosed.
    6. The Manager does not comment on rumours or market speculations. However, timely clarifications will be made through announcements via SGXNET in the event that material information is deemed to have been leaked or where there are unusual market activities that could be attributable to such rumours or market speculations.
  3. Engagement Practices

      The Manager utilises the following methods to actively engage its Unitholders and the investment community.

      Engagement Methods


      Announcements via SGXNET

      Throughout the year

      Updates on websites

      Throughout the year

      Email alerts to subscribers on announcements and updates

      Throughout the year

      Investor meetings, events and teleconferences

      Throughout the year

      Analyst results briefings with “live” audio webcasts


      Annual general meetings


      Annual reports


      Financial reporting


    1. Announcements, press releases, annual reports and circulars are released via SGXNET and MIT's websites.
    2. Email alerts will be sent out to subscribers on MIT's latest announcements and updates.
    3. Investor meetings, events and teleconferences are held frequently to encourage regular dialogues with the investment community.
      • The Management of the Manager will often be present at briefings and meetings to address questions from the investment community.
      • The Manager holds quarterly analyst teleconferences or briefings on MIT's financial results.
      • The Manager organises property tours for investors to be more familiar with MIT's portfolio.
    4. Analyst result briefings with "live" audio webcasts
      • The investment community can participate and raise online queries through the "live" audio webcasts of MIT's half-year and full-year financial results.
      • These recordings are available for download on MIT's website.
    5. General Meetings
      • An annual general meeting ("AGM") is held once a year to provide a platform for Unitholders to interact with the Board and the Management.
      • Unitholders have the opportunity to communicate their views even when they are not in attendance at the AGM.
        • For example, Unitholders may appoint proxies to attend, speak and vote, on their behalf, at general meetings.
        • All Unitholders are entitled to receive the proxy form with instructions on the appointment of proxies.
        • Prior to voting at an AGM or any other general meeting, the voting procedures will be made known to the Unitholders to facilitate them in exercising their votes.
      • To safeguard Unitholders' interests and rights, a separate resolution is proposed for each separate issue at an AGM.
      • Minutes of general meetings recording the substantive comments and questions raised by Unitholders are released via SGXNET and are available on MIT's website.
      • An extraordinary general meeting is held when Unitholders' approval is required for important business matters.
    6. Annual Report and Sustainability Report are released with three months after the close of every financial year.

      • Electronic copies are available for download on MIT's website as well as SGXNET.
      • Hardcopies of the Annual Report are available upon request.
  4. Enquiries and Feedback
    1. Unitholders can contact the Investor Relations Department via a dedicated email address:
    2. Substantial Unitholder enquiries can be sent to the following email address:
    3. Unit Registrar
      Boardroom Corporate & Advisory Services Pte. Ltd.
      1 Harbourfront Avenue
      #14-07 Keppel Bay Tower
      Singapore 098632
      T: (65) 6536 5355
      F: (65) 6438 8710

    4. Unitholder Depository
      • For depository-related matters such as change of details pertaining to Unitholders' investment records, please contact:
      The Central Depository (Pte) Limited
      9 North Buona Vista Drive
      #01-19/20 The Metropolis
      Singapore 138588
      T: (65) 6535 7511

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